Reinventing the way businesses connect with influencers in "real time".

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How Socialbase works:

Introducing the Socialbase app, reinventing the way businesses connect with influencers.
Through the Socialbase app, influencers can be put in contact with the right business and brands.
The ones that are in your area and open to new campaigns, and it all happens in “real time”.
For any influencer or business.
As a business you can easily find the right influencer in your area, the ones that will really lift your exposure.
Without wasting any time searching or scrolling: Socialbase allows businesses to receive notifications from influencers that match their criteria.
Job opportunities on the go, and lets you make money on the run.
Creating content partnerships in just a few clicks.
Download Socialbase and become part of a world first, an app that brings a world of opportunity to the palm of your hands.

How Socialbase Works

EDIT your photos with  custom Colourtone presets
SCHEDULE content on unlimited accounts to evolve with algorithms
ENGAGE with your communities
OPTIMISE posts for audience preferences
VIEW real time advanced ANALYTICS

What you can do with Socialbase

Manage your social networks in one place

Post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all from one place, faster than ever

Schedule posts at the optimal time

Socialbase tells you when the best time to post your content is to get the best results

Auto generate top performing hashtags

Search  keywords to see what the most valuable hashtags are for your post

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Using Socialbase for Success

Socialbase is your all-in-one-app for emerging and established influencers to create brand collaborations in their area. Our influencers trust Socialbase to elevate their social profile. Get mentioned and tag @socialbasehq today.


Using SocialBase for Success

SocialBase is your all-in-one app to manage accounts and drive partnerships. New, emerging and established influencers trust SocialBase to elevate their social profile. It’s time to add your #SeenOnSocialBase story…

Automated hashtag generator

Generate the top performing hashtags for your content with a simple keyword search.

Build your full social profile

Performance matters, and we'll help you get the best out of all your social channels.

Get found. Get paid. All here.

Brands will soon be able to find you with ease. Create more than content, create a career.


Be in the know

We’ll be releasing the android version this year, plus an advanced content analysis system tailored for influencers. And with plenty more features to come, you’ll be the first to know.

Early access closes July 31st

Become an early member and you automatically join the Socialbase Elite. That gives you lifetime first access to new features, exclusive insights and other great stuff we can’t talk about yet. The doors close on the Socialbase Elite by 31st July - forever.

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